Anavar Hormone – Characteristics And Usage

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Compared to other steroids, Anavar has a slightly lower potency and is also a bit expensive. However, it’s still largely popular because of its safety feature. Also called oxandrolone, the steroid is considered the safest, particularly when compared with oxymetholone. The effects of oxandrolone have been well-documented for decades now.

Anavar’s most noticed medical usage has been with wound healing expedition. However, it has recently gained popularity for preventing HIV-infected individuals losing weight to the inherent virus. The steroid is also considered safe for prepubescent kids with growth delays. In addition, Anavar has been frequently used in treating other wasting signs relating to cancer and hepatitis, and also for osteoporosis treatment.

The world got introduced to oxandrolone in 1964. The drug quickly became popular among athletes who were looking for a legal alternative to enhance on-field performance. The drug is quite appealing to both male and female athletes. And this is maybe because Anavar is the only drug within its class that is both convenient and safe without making excess estrogen. This makes it especially useful when cutting down for an event or mitigating body fat increase courtesy estrogenic effects.

The drug also has marginal, if any, effect on the natural hormone production system of the body. In other words, there’s no gonadotropin hormone suppression. This means any gains accomplished were easy to maintain even post-cycle. The low, easy-to-maintain gains indicate a reduced androgen receptor binding.

A bodybuilder would certainly find little utility in a compound that’s a weak androgen. It’s therefore most popular among weightlifters and power-lifters who want to enhance strength sans bodyweight increase. This holds higher value for athletes who compete regularly in weight classes. Anavar stimulates phosphocreatine formation – it’s a living organism’s primary energy currency. The compound lends a boost in anaerobic performance – the variety required for explosive acts such as weightlifting and sprinting.

Stacking and Usage

Due to the drug’s low doses and mild nature, oxandrolone rarely needs to be used in conjunction with secondary compounds such as estrogen receptor antagonists, anti-aromatase drugs, or blood pressure medicines. And this all-round capabilities of the drug, in a way, explains its high price tag.

In stacks, oxandrolone is at times used for increasing strength or to help with maintenance during the mass phases. Obviously, oxandrolone has little to append in the form of mass when compared to other similar substances. The drug fades in comparison to Anadrol, Deca, D-bol, etc. To be honest, there are much better options than oxandrolone if increasing mass is your primary objective.

During the cutting period, Anavar is a compatible match for 100-150 mcg of clenbuterol that’s put together with Winstrol or Halotestin. The blend enhances muscle striation and hardness, and also supports strength and mass retention. Experienced users will preferably add in Equipoise or testosterone propionate, instead of Winstrol or Halotestin, thanks to the little risks these drugs may pose to the liver.

Generally, it’s used for normal strength gain without putting on excessive weight, which makes it ideally suited for martial artists and power-lifters. In that regard, Winstrol is a good stack choice.

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