Slimming Down After Bulking Up With HGH Prohormone

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Bulking up isn’t easy and needs a lot of dedication as far as weight-training regimen and diet go. If you used HGH prohormones during the bulking period, your body may have gained more muscles than what’s naturally possible. To conserve this extra muscle when cutting calories, your HGH prohormone cycles must be completed as advised by the physician or according to the label instructions. Discontinuing HGH prohormone usage could lead to major loss of muscle during the cutting period.

Therefore, stick with taking HGH prohormones during the cut-down phase. Your body would naturally use both fat and muscle as energy when the calorie number count is restricted. As per bodybuilding supplement manufacturers, prohormone usage could force the body to safeguard the muscle, while simultaneously increasing fat loss.

During the cutting period, resort to heavy weight lifting. Stay away from high repetitions and light weights, as this practice would not push your muscles to make use of each and every muscle fiber. As per strength experts, four to eight heavy repetitions per every set would push your deeply embedded muscle fibers to come alive during lifting. Ideally, you must lift four times every week. Your body would keep only the tissues it requires during the cutting period. If every muscle fiber isn’t consistently put into play during cutting, the body will end up using the unnecessary muscle as fuel to energize your body.

Reduce 500 calories from your diet each day immediately. If you’re using HGH prohormones, you are probably an expert bodybuilder. This means your lean body tissue won’t be affected with such calorie deficits. Carrying this deficit for a week will amount to a 3500-calorie reduction. 3500 calories are needed to make a pound of fat, which means you would shed a pound at least during the initial week of cutting through diet alone.

Augment this calorie deficit every week. The deductions should be marginal. However, large and experienced bodybuilders could cut down an extra 250 calories each day for a week, so that they may shed at least a couple of pounds per week. This ploy isn’t recommended for smaller-strength or thinner athletes, as they may end up losing excessive weight in a shorter time period. And this means a portion of the weight loss would be muscle. According to weight loss experts, a subtraction of 50 to 150 calories should be sufficient for the modestly built.

Also, don’t leave out cardio. Carry out high-intensity cardio exercises at least three times every week to push your body and make it lose additional fat. Every workout must last for at least 30 minutes. Have the workout done after weight training sessions. Cardio workouts prior to weight training would result in exhaustion of some essential energy required for optimal lifting. According to workout experts, a 30-second sprint closely followed a one minute rest period is perfect for getting rid of body fat. These sprints could be performed on a bike, track, in a pool or a stair machine. The different exercises could be combined too.

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