Winstrol’s Forbidden Fruit: The Optimal Prohormone

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Imagine Winstrolcoming across a supplement that could help you to achieve all of your fitness aspirations. Now imagine realizing that it has not been available for purchase anywhere in almost four years. The Winstrol prohormone, also known as prostanozolol or P-Stanz, is one such product for many people. With promises like low risks for female patrons and increased speed, it is little wonder that athletes and bodybuilders alike miss prostanozolol. Though the drug is illegal now, it once held a strong standing among steroid enthusiasts.

Because of its chemical relation to testosterone, prostanozolol is classified as an anabolic steroid by the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). A 2012 ruling banned all manufacture, distribution, sale, and possession of the supplement and cited imprisonment and fines as possible consequences for those actions. Additionally, buying Winstrol prohormone directly from a foreign country is interpreted as importing, even if the consumer only intends to use the substance recreationally. After the amendment to Schedule III of the CSA passed, anyone in possession of prostanozolol was urged to legally dispose of their capsules, and the supplement is currently off the market. But what made it so popular before its prohibition, and why do people search for “P-Stanz clones” now?

The Winstrol prohormone is very similar to its steroid counterpart stanozolol, but it does not contain the methyl group that contributes to liver issues with many true steroids. The flip side to the lack of the 17a-methyl is decreased bioavailability, but that is not necessarily a bad thing; the relative mildness of prostanozolol makes it ideal for novices or for stacking with other supplements. It was originally popular among track athletes for its ability to improve speed, performance, and recovery, but today, many people consider taking hormones for aesthetic purposes.

In terms of physical appearance, Winstrol prohormone can be useful in reaching goals. While the drug is seldom used for bulking, any increase in size indicates pure muscle gain; the supplement does not cause muscles to retain water or bloat. Those who are already lean but looking to shed an extra 1%-2% of body fat could benefit from prostanozolol. It excels at preserving muscle mass and strength even during a calorie-restricted cutting phase, and it lends a hardened, vascular look and feel to the muscles. Used alone, Winstrol prohormone tightens and tones. With other substances, it hardens lean muscle tissue without increasing a cycle’s overall side effects or toxicity.

While many supplements are considered unsafe for women to use, prostanozolol does not present many health concerns. The effective fat burning nature of Winstrol prohormone makes it a popular choice for females, but women may also see more size enhancement than men can expect from the substance; generally, women are more receptive to the effects of anabolic steroids than men are. Prostanozolol carries a relatively low risk of unfeminine side effects; however, as with any substance that effects testosterone, masculinization symptoms are always a risk for women.

Had it not been outlawed, Winstrol prohormone might have helped many fitness buffs reach their personal goals. Its claim to fame is cutting body fat, something that many bodybuilders struggle to do without supplementation. Prostanozolol also boasts speed and strength enhancement, genuine muscle gains rather than water retention, and relative safety for women. Though not necessarily ideal for the bulking aficionado, Winstrol prohormone is a versatile and relatively safe supplement suitable for a large demographic.


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